Mission: To give back to the community in the form of beautifully designed and handcrafted wood pieces. We believe there is nothing more beautiful than the way the worlds elements collide to form something that does not need a human to make it better or perfect. Wood is imperfect and temperamental and it's one of natures greatest accomplishments. We restore, rebuild, and make old things new again.

We are always looking to connect with fellow creatives, artists, builders, woodworkers, and fellow small business owners. If you'd like to collaborate on a project or event, please contact Lauren@raspandfile.com


lauren matthews

Owner/ Woodworker


Asha Matthews

Shop Dog & Project Manager


Now Hiring!

Rasp & File Designs is hiring the following part-time positions. Please send your resume to careers@raspandfile.com if interested:

- Skilled Builder/ Woodworker/ Carpenter

- Social Media Manager

- Front Office Manager

- Accountant/ Finance Manager